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1. Fast and effective
2. Easy to follow the recipes, you don’t need to be a master chef to cook delicious meals
3. Meals are elevated with protein, balanced with healthy fats and low in carbohydrates
4. Regular meals during the day, you can say goodbye to hunger attacks
5. No more wobbly arms! Muscles are protected during slimming due to higher protein intake
6. Slow carbs and resistant starch help keep your blood sugar in a healthier range. No more hunger attacks!
7. Delightful sweet and savory flavors of Inshape high protein meal replacement products make the whole week enjoyable.


8 sachets of savory InShape high protein powder products: Thai soup, Vegetable soup, Mushroom soup, Onion and chive omelette, Garden vegetable soup, Mushroom omelette, Chili beans, Bread

7 sachets of various coffee flavored InShape Diet high protein powder products: Maharaja’s coffee drink, Cappuccino drink, Yemeni coffee drink

6 sachets of InShape Diet high protein sweet protein powder products: Mafroukah dessert, Egg custard dessert, White chocolate dessert, Umm Ali dessert, Intense cocoa drink, Pancake.

1 Shaker bottle
1 Measure tape


The program is based on regular meals during the day that are consumed at roughly the same intervals and times. An elevated protein intake and lower calories are essential for fat loss while maintaining muscle mass. Take InShape high protein meal replacement products three times, while consuming twice your own homemade dish a day.


Creating homemade dishes can be intimidating sometimes, but don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! The suggested online menu outlines straightforward recipes that will help guide your way to kitchen greatness. Plus, you may find inspiration to mix things up a bit and come up with something totally original. Feeling adventurous? Get creative and go ahead with whatever you’re feeling inspired to make! There’s a variety of items to choose from that we accept on the list of ingredients, so let your culinary spirit take charge before dinner time.


When measured in centimeters, things might appear remarkably differently…
Remember! with InShape Express diet, only fat is lost, not muscle.

In fact, size does matter in our program. Please, measure and note the circumferences of your abdomen, waist, hips, and thighs prior to beginning the 7-day program, so that you can compare the results to the initial measurements. Please download the progress tracker and use the measure tape for data registration.