Garden vegetable soup

25.000 BHD / 10 sachets per box.

Cozy up to a hot bowl of nutritious happiness today and enjoy its creamy goodness that awakens all the flavors from the garden! 

InShape presents the finest garden vegetable flavored protein powder soup. An innovative gluten free culinary creation, designed for those seeking topnotch nutrition in convenient form. Unlike traditional soups, this protein powder-based delicacy boasts an array of health benefits; namely, a hefty dose of protein to assimilate used energy. Bonus points given for its subtle yet delicately spiced taste!

Enjoy the vibrant harmony of nature’s bounty in our garden vegetable soup, a symphony of flavors where the nurturing essence of onions, celery, and carrots blends seamlessly with the aromatic embrace of parsley and turmeric. 

TIP: As an added advantage, by simply adding less water you could employ it as a dip for fresh veggies (celery stick, cucumber, carrot) to optimize their supple abundance of fiber and vitamins.

Gluten free high protein garden vegetable soup powder.

10 sachets per box.