Have you ever dreamed about becoming 2-3 dress sizes smaller within a few weeks?

Shopping in your favorite store and fitting into that gorgeous dress in your closet?

It can be an incredibly empowering feeling!

InShape Challenge is designed for those who are focused on meaningful weight loss but can also help bring order and harmony into your busy schedule. Not only will it help you learn how to foster a sustainable lifestyle change, but even just by improving your food, you’ll see significant long-term progress in 30 days.

That persistent feeling of wanting a change reigns inside you too, doesn’t it?

When your GP warns you of serious medical consequences arising from your excess weight, the stakes are suddenly a lot higher. Carrying extra pounds can have a cruel affect not just on physical health but also on day-to-day lifestyle, making simple standard movements like running after children or climbing stairs amongst other activities taxing and unattainable.

Don’t let another day pass without taking control of your weight and body composition!

At InShape we believe in taking a holistic approach to living — each aspect of your well-being is vital: sleep, breathing, nutrient dense diet and engaging daily activity. Establishing muscle mass is equally imperative for metabolic health. That being said, elevated protein intake can be suggestive of sculpting solely fat stores and trimming away the wrong portions of your body! And this keeps you hale and hearty while proceeding towards your desired shape!

Fantastic news!

A wide range of InShape meal replacement products with high protein content over 20 unique flavors have been developed, tailored to ensure your success. Treat yourself to a variety of sweet and savory tastes! Enjoy the flavor of coffee, chocolate, tasty Arabic cuisine or heavenly Thai soup. Or you could opt for something more comforting like a classic mushroom soup. It’s up to you, either way pick whatever tickles your taste buds and take delight in what these delicious proteins have to offer!

4 well-planned weeks & 4 good reasons to start:

Start each day with a big dose of self-care! Sleep, breathing, nutrition and exercise will go a long way in enhancing your wellbeing.

  • Sleep: a good night sleep will boost your energy levels and sharpen your concentration in order to tackle whatever life throws at you.
  • Breathing: conscious breathing helps release tension and anxiety, while keeping stress levels low.
  • Nutrition: nutrient dense meals ensure your body has the necessary fuel it needs to function efficiently throughout the day.
  • Exercise: Being physically active causes good endorphins to be released in the brain which can boost positivity and create a pleasant mood. All this together is guaranteed to help improve your level of well-being. And your muscles will be engaged and burn energy non-stop. More muscles bring improved metabolic flexibility.

Creating a daily routine of meals and some exercise doesn’t have to be a struggle! When done right, it can drastically improve your well-being and help you achieve the dream shape you wish for. Optimize results by focusing on incorporating a variety of ingredients into your meals. Our menu aims for elevated levels of protein, sufficient healthy fats, coupled with reduced carbohydrates.

The best part?

The recipes are easy to prepare, and you don’t even need a kitchen scale! Measuring the ingredients simply can be done by using even hand portions.

InShape high protein meal replacement products make satisfying the higher daily protein requirements simple and straightforward. With easy to use, on the go packaging, these high-quality products ensure that you will lose weight from fat but not from muscles.

Unleash your culinary creativity and transform plain ingredients into extraordinary dishes of your own! With our complete diet proposal, you receive a tailored menu dedicated to men, women, vegetarians (flexitarians) full of dish possibilities. Reinvent your palate and indulge in an array of flavorsome meals crafted by you. Now is the time to break away from the ordinary and embark on a quest for deliciousness!

We encourage you to join our vibrant social community too for an even greater boost of motivation and inspiration. By actively participating in this virtual playground, success will be within reach in no time at all! So, what are you waiting for?

Nothing has ever been built from excuses. Join us NOW!