We’re a lifestyle company. That’s likely over-simplified, but it’s cleaner than a long list of descriptors. We aim to give people back their dreams which have been overshadowed by their excess weight. Simply by inspiring their lifestyle change and putting them on a fascinating weight loss journey which sets them free of excruciating problems like being ashamed of their own reflection or enduring the constant pain of rubbing of inner thighs.

We use the words “dream and lifestyle” frequently in this company bio, so come and see if we mean it!

Our Mission

We believe that everybody has the right to live their dreams in a healthy body they truly desire. Slimming and achieving the right body composition, when powered by easy-to-use, convenient high protein meal replacement powder products and the creative application of modern science-based methods, can be simple and effective. We bring these great solutions to all dreamers.


The name stems from the idea of creating a brand, which is relevant and easy-to-remember. Shape relates to all aspects of our lives even to our dreams, ambitions and desires. On the other hand, it was a ‘love at first sight’ feeling when it popped up as a brand name. So, why not make it easy for everyone by using a simple, but meaningful brand name, which we truly love as well?


“Is this really me?”

I’m just your average woman who’s been juggling the beautiful chaos of life – three amazing kids and a beautiful granddaughter, working full-time since I was 18…. But let’s rewind a bit.

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“Ah, it’s just age catching up”

Picture this: I, the fearless Hungarian adventurer with an insatiable curiosity, found myself in the heart of the Middle East for a fantastic 12 years. Now, that’s not your average “where I spent my summer vacation” story, is it?

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