I’m just your average woman who’s been juggling the beautiful chaos of life – three amazing kids and a beautiful granddaughter, working full-time since I was 18…. But let’s rewind a bit.

As I entered my 40s, life threw me a curveball – the kind many of us face. High blood pressure, sugar level issues, and several extra pounds that seemed to have taken permanent residence. It hit me hard, and I couldn’t help but feel disconnected from my own body. “Is this really me?” – I kept asking myself in frustration. I remember those years I felt kind of a shame when I looked in the mirror and unconsciously started to hide behind any family member or a friend when photos were taken, being worried about how my size looked.

Ah, and I got deeply desperate about my favorite dresses (who of us wouldn’t?) – tucked away in the closet, patiently waiting for their moment in the spotlight once more. It’s like they hold a piece of your history…. a reminder of the moments when you felt your absolute best.

But let’s get back to reality: the doctor’s prescription pad was ready with an array of medications, but I couldn’t shake the belief that there had to be a more natural, holistic way to tackle these challenges. So began my quest for answers.
I delved into countless methods and trends, exploring every avenue to find that elusive solution. And guess what? In the end I found it! I shed those extra kilos without the agonizing suffering I expected. And they were gone for good. Along the way, I was enlightened – hand in hand, excess weight and my diet were the culprits behind most of my health problems.

During my journey my husband got inspired and joined me, which made me even more confident about the path.

Driven by this newfound knowledge, I embarked on a journey of self-development: though, it was pretty confusing in the beginning where to start my education about nutrition. So, I did several courses in the past years: a Lifestyle and Nutritionist course and another about Hormonal Nutrition at Weider Professional Hungary (2021), then achieved the Advanced Diploma in Diet and Nutrition at QLS level 5 at Brentwood Open Learning College, UK (2022). At the same time my curiosity led me to Dr. Berg’s course about Keto & Intermittent Fasting, which I had finished in March 2022.

Nevertheless, I felt my knowledge still needs to be deeper, so I continued my quest for more: next destination on my journey was Precision Nutrition, US which shared everything there is to know about nutrition and health, behavior change, and real-world coaching. I successfully became a certified PNL1 nutritional coach in June 2022. A bit later I joined the Nutritional Coaching Institute, US to get more insights about how hormones work in the human body and finished their course of Hormone Specialist (2022).

I am still eager to understand the intricacies of the body, thus my current study is about breathing by the Buteyko Method. It’s a fascinating course regarding breathing and its effects on every cell of the human body. I feel that my learning will never end!

Now, my mission is clear: I want to help as many people as possible who are going through similar struggles. Life can be tough, and health issues can be daunting, but I’m here to tell you that there’s a path to a healthier, happier you that doesn’t involve a medicine cabinet. Rather it’s about a body which is metabolically fit and weight loss is a nice side effect of that . Our company InShape was founded to make it happen for all dreamers.

And you know what? I also understood that those dresses weren’t just simple garments; they were my dreams, aspirations, and a symbol of self-love. They’re a reminder that we can reclaim that feeling, that perfect fit, and that radiant confidence over 50 as well. With dedication and the right path, slipping back into those dresses isn’t just a mirage – it’s a beautiful, attainable reality waiting to happen!

Join me on this incredible journey to Live Your Dream. In Shape.