Weight management can be completely perplexing, and at times, even chaotic!

We get it!

That’s why InShape comprehensive lifestyle program had been created.

  • It is simple and easy to implement in everyday life.
  • You lose weight from fat only while maintain your muscle mass, which supports metabolic health.
  • With InShape high protein meal replacement powder products your weight loss journey is promoted by their full-fledged proteins and vitamins in single use on-the-go sachets.
  • Diet is not boring because of a choice of over 20 different tastes of InShape protein meal replacement products which satisfy all cravings for sweet to savory; modern to exclusive, traditional Arabic taste; and pancake to bread.

InShape unique approach is not just limited to inside help with nutrition; rather, the programs address various factors like sleep, breathing and physical activity for an across the board wellness rejuvenation.

Not mentioning fantastic services included in this package as part of the InShape Ultimate All-Inclusive program:

  • Grocery Shopping
  • Kitchen Makeover 
  • Cooking Class.

These services make sure that you can enjoy all the benefits of the program right from the start.

Getting your dream shape starts here!

Our elevated protein diet plan has one goal in mind: to help you shed pounds and keep them off while maintaining your muscle mass for better metabolic health.

It’s divided into three phases:

Tune In

  • Let’s meet first! During our onboarding consultation we talk about your actual lifestyle and what your goals are.
  • Your actual body composition is checked on a special Tanita scale including your skeletal muscle mass, body fat, visceral fat and many other data.
  • You get an insight to the complete program.
  • You learn mostly about the updated daily routine, necessary amount of daily protein (InShape products and home-made meals) and the right level of water intake.
  • This phase takes 2 weeks to complete.

Should there be no underlying medical condition and you decided to join, then we can start right away! As of Day 1 you are supported by the InShape team all along your journey.

All-Inclusive services such as grocery shopping, kitchen makeover and cooking class appointments are booked during the first consultation, so we can make sure that you’re fully ready right from the beginning to take the most out of the program.


  • Consultations ( are scheduled every 2-3 weeks, unless you have different requirement)
  • Development is tracked by the body composition analyser at each meeting
  • Results are evaluated, adjustments are applied in case needed to meals, sleep, breathing or movements (training).

The duration of this phase can be different for everyone based on the amount of weight they need to lose, but approximately lasts 6-8 weeks. Most excess kilos are lost in this initial period.

New Shape

  • Here you have already achieved or almost there to reach your dream shape and only 1-2 kilos left to shed
  • This is the phase of transition where those healthy carbs will eventually find their way back onto your plate
  • During these 2 weeks you will learn how to maintain your achieved dream shape and avoid the yo-yo effect

Your new lifestyle needs building new habits. These new habits shall create a new imprint over previous ones which takes time and repetition day by day. Consistency and perseverance are key to that. Should you need some support later or perhaps some kilos crawled back, InShape products will always be there for you!