Why is protein important to us?

Protein is the key element to our InShape Lifestyle programs. It is not the unnecessarily high level that needs to be achieved, but the amount that is optimal for YOU.

But one can ask, why protein is so important? In addition to the fact that your body needs nitrogen and essential amino acids to function—which your body can’t get from fat and sugar—you need optimal protein intake partly to control your appetite and build muscle.

Not to mention that protein in nature always brings fat with it, just as yang is always there next to ying.

If you were to track how much protein you eat each day, you’d probably be surprised. Because you may think you’re eating sufficient or even too much of this macronutrient, but the fact is that people tend to eat themselves quite below their daily optimal needs, resulting in uncontrolled blood sugar, all-day hunger, nightly binge eating, and declining muscle mass. And this is the straight path to obesity.

Well, that doesn’t sound good, does it?

Eating the right amount of protein triggers the production of several hormones in the body that suppress appetite and help feel satiety. Hence eating a protein-optimized diet reduces hunger (1).

Therefore, protein is a key factor in developing a properly nutrient-dense diet. 

InShape Lifestyle programs are designed to preserve muscle mass with higher protein intake and reduced calorie intake while avoiding hunger (2).




Protein-induced satiety: Effects and mechanisms of different proteins

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