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We believe everyone’s taste buds are unique, so why not celebrate that?
With over 20 delicious InShape flavors to choose from, customizing your combination ensures you get exactly what you crave, every time. It’s all about making your meal replacement experience as enjoyable and personalized as possible!
Choose your favorites now!
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Vanilla dessert

Garden vegetable soup

Thai soup

Yemeni coffee drink

White chocolate dessert

Vegetable soup

Umm Ali dessert


Onion and chive omelette

Mushroom soup

Mushroom omelette

Maharaja's coffee drink

Mafroukah dessert

Intense cocoa drink

Grapefruit Drink

Gourmet chocolate drink

Chili beans

Cappuccino drink


Apricot – soft white cheese dessert

Apple Drink

Peach tea drink

Orange drink

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